Monday, 1 June 2015

✿ Dorissiderm : Anti blemish repair cream ✿

Dorissiderm HK sent me their new product, the Anti blemish repair cream, which was launch in mid May in SOGO. It took me a while to try, review and post anything about it, since I wanted to take the time to try it out and see how it performed.
The cream contains Acnocyte, a component which is anti-bacterial, anti inflammatory and has a calming effect. It has been proven to prevent acne formation, repair acne damages, and smooth out rough skin surface. All around, this ingredient handles acne problems from all fronts.

 The cream has a very gel/watery consistency after you start rubbing it to you skin, leaving a light hydrating layer. After few minutes you will have it all sucked into your skin, it is not greasy or sticky at all. You will be then, good to apply your regular moisturizer.
 The cream has a nice, fresh and tingling sensation effect. At first I got surprised, since I applied it to my whole face, and it was quite intense. Since then I only apply it to areas which need it.

Sorry I lost the DAY 1 photo, but at the time my pimples were the bright red kind, inflamed, and little bumpy. 

On Day 2, the pimples were still red-ish but starting to appear less inflamed.
Day 3, the redness is disappearing, and the pimples are drying up, and getting flatter.
Day 4, pimple are almost gone, they are peeling little by little, and are replaced by a little scar.

At this point I stopped using this cream, and started to use Kielh's blemish control daily skin-clearing treatment, to help with the healing of the skin, and to help make the scars vanish.

In a nutshell : 
Price : HKD
Available Online
PROS : Packaging, beautiful range of colors, buildable, long wear, sweet fragrance
CONS : Pricey, availability

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